Gir National Park in Gujarat is Famous for Asiatic lions

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Gir National Park is an the exclusive park for Asiatic lions. It has been established in 1965. Mitiyala and Paniya sanctuaries are also part of it. The lions living here are found only in the entire Asia only in the Gir region of the state of Gujarat, India. Areas of three districts namely Junagadh, Gir Somnath and Amreli are included in Gir Sanctuary.

Gir is covered with numerous trees and springs and rivers. This is a very beautiful natural area. Gir is home to lions, leopards, deer, chittal and many different species of wildlife and birds. More than 500 species of succulent plants are also found in Sasangir.

Gir National Park in Gujarat

Gir National Park has also developed as a scenic tourist destination. Before independence, Gir region was a private hunting forest of the Nawab of Junagadh. Prakriti means union with the real God, Every season has a distinct identity here.

Reem Zeem flowing Hirani and other rivers, Nahda’s freighters, Sahaj’s thunderous leap of chital and sweet chirping of birds satisfy the mind.

Sasan Gir area :

Gujarat Government has declared 1412.1 area as Sasan Gir Public Area. In which 258.7 square kilometers area is as National Park and 1153.4 square kilometers is Gir Sanctuary. Apart from this, an area of ​​470.5 square kilometers has been created as a buffer zone. Thus a total area of ​​1882.6 Gir is covered under the sanctuary area.

How to reach :

The nearest airport to reach Gir National Park is Rajkot at a distance of 100 km. Rajkot  is connected to many cities of India by air. Transport service is available from Ahmedabad International Airport to Gir National Park in Junagadh district. Also a bus or car taxi is available to reach Junagadh by train and then 53 km to Gir National Park.

Rivers and reservoirs :

Seven rivers Shetrunji, Hiran, Dhatrawadi, Machundri, Rawal, Sangavadi and Rupen have made Gir rich. Dams have been built on four rivers in it. Kamleswar dam is the largest dam. As many as 300 reservoirs in Gir provide water to wildlife. However, when there is a shortage of water during low rainfall or during summer, the forest department arranges water for wildlife.

Climate :

Here the temperature in summer is 41 degrees. And in winter the temperature is as low as 10 degrees. Also the humidity is high in monsoon. Monsoon here starts around 15 th June which lasts till 30 th.

The time from November  to March  is very favorable for the tourists because during this time the forest is green and the trees are green and the atmosphere is pleasant. Also Gir National Park is closed for tourists from June to October . Also wild animals are seen walking. Tourists are advised to check the Gir National Park website or telephonically to confirm the date and time before visiting.

Gir National Park Tourism Information :

A modern information center named “Singh Sadan” is run by the Forest Department at Gir National Park Devalia which is very modern and well equipped. Here information is provided to the visitors. Also, by taking a bus or a gypsy with a guide, the pilgrims are taken on a tour of Asiatic lion sighting on one of the routes for some time. As many as 8 routes have been made for that. Tourists can visit for this visit by paying a fixed fee. Tickets are available through online booking or there in person at the ticket window.

There are many good hotels and resort palaces in the vicinity. Accommodation and dining facilities are available in can also check there official website.

Lion Census :

Sakkar Bagh is an institute in Junagadh that conducts research and study of lion reproductive period and behavior as well as artificial insemination donation and work for Asiatic lions. Lion population is also done every five years. Currently, according to the 2020 census, the number of lions is 161 males, 260 females and 253 lion cubs.

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1. where is Gir National Safari Park ?

Ans : Gir National Park is located in the Indian state of Gujarat.

2. Gir National Park Famous For Which Animal ?

Ans : Asiatic lion.

3. How to reach Gir National Park ?

Ans : Information is provided in this article.

4. Which Animal Found in The  Gir National Park ?

Ans : Asiatic lion.

5. Which Animal in Protected in Gir National Park ?

Ans : Gir National Park has been created for the Asiatic lion, but all wildlife is protected here.

6. How many Lions in Gir National Park ?

Ans : Information is provided in this article.

7. Gir Forest  National Park established Which Year ?

Ans : 1965

8. How to visit Gir National Park ?

Ans : Information is provided in this article.

9. Gir National park in Which District  ?

Ans : It includes areas of Junagadh, Gir somanath and Amreli districts.

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