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IMD Logo Creation Contest Quiz
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Commencing the Celebration of IMD’s 150 Years of Meteorological Excellence: Established in 1875, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) is preparing to observe its monumental 150th service year to the nation in the upcoming period of 2024-2025.

It is noteworthy that IMD has emerged as a trailblazing government department, with a primary focus on systematic weather observation, steadfast reporting, and the application of scientific methodologies for weather forecasting across the expansive terrain of the Indian subcontinent.

The transformation of Meteorology into a contemporary physical science can be attributed significantly to the persistent efforts of scientists and technologists who have graced the corridors of IMD throughout its illustrious 150-year journey.

A Twelve-Month Celebration of Learning and Participation

In the anticipation of the momentous 150-year celebration, slated to commence in January 2024, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has meticulously outlined a multitude of initiatives. Over the course of the year, IMD is set to introduce a variety of events, exhibitions, international scientific seminars, and notably, interactive sessions specifically crafted for students.

These initiatives are purposefully crafted to ignite a growing fascination with the nuanced domains of meteorology and atmospheric sciences. For students keen on virtual participation, the “Online Quiz for Students” presents a noteworthy opportunity.

IMD Logo Creation Contest: Extending an Invitation to Creativity

In a notable initiative to highlight this significant milestone, IMD, in collaboration with MyGov, is poised to introduce the “IMD Logo Quiz” This undertaking is more than just a conventional contest; it exemplifies the distinctive engagement style of the “MyGov Free Quiz” category.

Participants not only have the opportunity to showcase their creative prowess but also stand a chance to secure the esteemed “MyGov Quiz Certificate.” For individuals endowed with a flair for creativity, this serves as a golden opportunity to craft a logo that harmonizes with this momentous occasion.

Furthermore, the icing on the cake is the “Free Govt. Quiz with Participation Certificates,” guaranteeing that each endeavor receives its rightful recognition. Hence, it is now the opportune moment to delve into your creative reservoirs and leave an indelible mark on this significant occasion!

Rewards for Winners of the IMD Logo Quiz

The accolades for the IMD Logo Quiz Winners are as follows:

  • The top prize goes to the first winner, who will be bestowed with ₹15,000/-
  • The second winner, if there is one, will receive a reward of ₹10,000/-
  • The third winner winner will be rewarded with ₹5,000/-

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Technical Guidelines for the IMD Logo Quiz:

  • Participants are required to submit a high-resolution (600 dpi) image of the logo in JPEG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF SVG formats exclusively.
  • The logo should possess distinctiveness and scalability. It must be suitable for use on the website, social media platforms (such as Twitter and Facebook), press releases, and various print materials like stationery, signage, labels, magazines, commercials, holdings, standees, posters, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, souvenirs, and other promotional and marketing materials to enhance IMD’s visibility.
  • The winner must furnish the original open-source file of the designed logo.
  • The logo should maintain clarity (not pixelated or bit-mapped) when viewed on-screen at 100%.
  • Entries should not be submitted in compressed or self-extracting formats.
  • The logo design should not feature imprints or watermarks.
  • All fonts used in the logo design should be converted to Outlines/Curves.
  • Texts incorporated into the logo design should be in Hindi/English only.
  • The logo should align with IMD’s official logo.
  • The design should incorporate artistic expressions of color combinations/arrangements in the national Tricolor.
  • The logo should reflect the essence of ‘150.’
  • The design should incorporate or reflect elements related to meteorology.
  • The logo should be inspired by Weather, Climate, and the accomplishments of IMD.

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